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Emulsifiers for puff-pastry margarine

Palsgaard offers a series of emulsifiers particularly well-suited for margarines used in high-fat and fat-reduced puff-pastries and yeast-raised products. They give your margarines greater functionality and plasticity; giving your customers’ puff-pastries better lift, lamination, and mouthfeel.


Take the fast lane from idea to finished product

Stretching five kilos of margarine across 500 square metres places extreme demands on plasticity. Breakage is not an option. Good lift is a must, as is a perfect flake structure. Add to this the growing demand for low-fat content, and the challenges look daunting. This is where Palsgaard steps in – and creates value for our customers.

And why we don't sell standard solutions. We'll work closely with you to clarify all your needs and product aspirations – and then design individual and successful recipes with you.

Whatever you need, our team of industry experts will help you refine or develop your products in one of our fully equipped application centres around the world.

Contact us today to order samples of our puff-pastry margarine emulsifiers and try them in our extensive library of recipes.



  • Tailor-made emulsifiers for puff-pastry margarines
  • Easy-to-melt pellets and powders
  • Non-palm alternatives available
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher / Halal-certified
  • Available as RSPO SG certified



  • Fine and stable water distribution
  • Improved plasticity
  • Emulsion stability both during manufacturing and baking
  • Good lamination and expansion in the laminated baked pastry
  • Reduce fat content without affecting expansion and lamination
  • Trans-fat free
  • Long shelf-life – of the margarine and the baked goods


Global margarine application support

Take advantage of our unique insights into consumer trends and specific local requirements, and choose Palsgaard for your next innovative project. Our experienced food technologists are experts at solving challenges within aeration, crystallisation, plastification, fat reduction, spatter control and all-purpose, in addition to equipment limitations, or ingredient availability – and they are happy to share their know-how. With application centres in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, help is never far away.

See how we can help you in the video and learn more about our application centres here:


Putting the puff in your pastry

Danish pastries, croissants and puff pastry typically contain between 16 and 300 layers of plasticized margarine. Everything has to be in a single, homogeneous layer without the margarine breaking, becoming greasy or too elastic, and without breaks or cracks in the dough, while simultaneously allowing controlled expansion during baking.

You need a margarine with sufficient plasticity and a surface dry enough to handle mechanical treatment. And that's where you can rely on Palsgaard.

Even the best emulsifier systems for pastry margarine can’t ensure correct margarine plastification or good baking results. We'll be happy to advise you on the proper processing conditions and fat combinations.

As for all types of margarine, ensuring ideal baking properties requires more than simply developing and combining the right ingredients. Optimizing production processes and conditions is equally important to the quality of your end product – and ultimately to the success of your business.

Emulsifier applications and functionalities in puff-pastry margarines

Emulsifiers do more than add emulsion and product stability. They also affect the crystallisation speed and improve plasticity as well as layer separation and lift in laminated doughs.

At Palsgaard we specialise in combining the right types of emulsifiers:

  • Mono- and diglycerides (E471) lower the interfacial tension in the water-in-oil emulsion, increase the viscosity of the emulsion so that the tendency to phase reversion is reduced, and prevent the agglomeration of the water droplets
  • Citrem, Citric acid esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (E472c) produce an emulsifier film between the dough layers and give a better layer separation and expansion in the laminated pastry system, and help stabilise the layers during baking process
  • PGE, Polyglycerol esters (E475) are widely used in the food industry as they combine hydrophilic and lipophilic properties in the same molecule. PGE is used in margarine because of its ability to create air in the emulsion and stabilize it at the same time
  • Crystal promoters such as Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 6191 create a crystal network, giving the oil-absorbing effect that will provide oil absorption for hot climates and summer recipes


Fat reduction in puff pastry and croissants

Choosing the right combination of emulsifiers enables you to reduce the fat content in margarine for Danish pastry and croissants from 80 to 50% while still providing a stable, dry and plastic Danish pastry margarine.

During baking this emulsifier combination ensures an expansion and lamination of a 50% fat margarine similar to Danish pastry baked with 80% fat margarine. In fact, our emulsifier systems have been successfully tested in recipes with as little as 35% fat.

Learn more in this technical article.


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