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Emulsifiers for cake and cream margarine

Palsgaard offers a broad range of emulsifiers for use in cake and cream margarines. They'll help you deliver the volume and the homogeneous crumb structure your customers demand in their cakes and the volume, stability and mouthfeel they need from their decorating creams and fillings.


Let us help you optimise your cake and cream margarines

Palsgaard has been helping cake and cream margarine manufacturers with their recipes for 100 years. Today, we offer combinations of emulsifiers that enable you to meet the demands of modern consumers: no lecithin, no trans-fatty acids, and no non-hydrogenated fats.

We'll do more than supply the right emulsifiers. In our global application centres, we'll help you optimise your emulsifier and fat composition, and recommend adjustments to your processing equipment.

Contact us today to order samples of our cake and cream margarine emulsifiers, and try them in our extensive library of recipes.



  • High volume in the baked cake
  • Good, homogeneous crumb structure
  • Soft and delicious cakes
  • Increased margarine creaminess, making it easier to incorporate more air and increase fat distribution in the batter
  • Increased batter viscosity to allow better air retention
  • Protection of air bubbles to allow expansion during baking



  • High volume in the cream or filling/high overrun
  • Good, homogeneous cream that is easy to use in confectionery production and in fine bakery
  • Absorption of liquid ingredients to prevent subsequent leaks
  • Increased stability of creams so they don’t collapse during production, cake decoration or shelf-life
  • Provides a pleasant mouthfeel


Global margarine application support

Take advantage of our unique insights into consumer trends and specific local requirements, and choose Palsgaard for your next innovative project. Our experienced food technologists are experts at solving challenges within aeration, crystallisation, plastification, fat reduction, spatter control and all-purpose, in addition to equipment limitations, or ingredient availability – and they are happy to share their know-how. With application centres in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, help is never far away.

See how we can help you in the video and learn more about our application centres here:


Perfect the aeration of your cake margarine

Cake margarine is specifically designed to incorporate air and make both batter and the final product more stable. Palsgaard’s emulsifiers – alongside an optimal fat composition – let you create highly functional margarines with the qualities you desire.

For a cake margarine to provide high volume in the baked cake and a homogeneous crumb structure, resulting in a soft and delicious cake, the margarine must have a very short and creamy structure. This is best achieved by using the right types of oils and fats, the right processing conditions, proper tempering – and the right emulsifier.

Create easy-to-use cream margarine

Cream margarine is used for cake fillings and decorations. Cream composition varies, but it's generally produced by whipping margarine together with powdered sugar, syrup or other ingredients. This places different demands on the quality of the cream margarine.

To cater for this, the margarine must have a very short and creamy structure. The ideal structure is best achieved by using the right types of oils and fats, the right processing conditions, proper tempering – and the right emulsifier.

Emulsifier applications and functionalities in cake and cream margarine

Emulsifiers have different functionalities in margarines and often complement each other, leading to improved product quality of the cake and cream margarine:

  • Mono- and diglycerides (E471) are commonly used in various foods and non-food applications. The main function of DMG in margarine is to create a stable emulsion of water droplets equally dispersed in oil (fat)
  • PGE, Polyglycerol esters (E475) are widely used in the food industry as they combine hydrophilic and lipophilic properties in the same molecule. PGE is used in margarine because of its ability to create air in the emulsion and stabilize it

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