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Whipping-active emulsifiers for cake premixes

For close to 40 years, bakery premix manufacturers around the world have favoured Palsgaard’s Emulpals® series of powdered, lean-label cake emulsifiers. Find out below how we can help you deliver cost-efficient, convenient, uniform performance in a broad range of cakes.


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  • Allergen-free
  • Plant-based whipping active emulsifiers in convenient powder form
  • Label-friendly – contains down to one emulsifier and a natural carrier
  • Custom designed for the all-in production method for bakers mixes, retail mixes and industrial mixes
  • Up to two years of shelf-life
  • Guaranteed performance – all batches are tested for functional performance in real cakes


  • Easy to work with during recipe engineering, and easy to dose during production and packaging
  • Uniform performance in all types of cakes and bakery premixes
  • Delivers high aeration and softness, resulting in a uniform cake crumb and a smooth cake surface
  • Excellent tolerance to difficult ingredients, production temperatures and whipping times
  • Facilitated production – no pre-hydration or preparatory steps needed as Emulpals® reacts instantly when liquid is added to the batter


Global bakery application support

Great results come from close collaboration with our customers. Our global application centres are where we’ll help you develop your new recipes with a range of highly advanced equipment. We offer theoretical and practical support which takes its starting point in your specific set-up and working conditions. In this way, implementing our products into your recipes becomes an easy task.

Discover what we and Emulpals® can do for you in this video and read more below.


Emulpals® emulsifiers improve tolerance

The ultimate success of your retail cake mix is in the hands of the consumer. Give them a consistently pleasurable preparation and eating experience and you will build loyalty and profits. And for most mixes, the key success factor is a high degree of tolerance.

Tolerance is critical due to variations in storage conditions, raw materials (eggs of different sizes and quality; butter, margarine or oil) mixing methods and specific baking conditions. 

With Emulpals® in the mix, variations like these make less of a difference, bringing consumers the cake quality they naturally expect and freeing them to focus on that final creative touch.

Create delicious and moist gluten-free cakes

Gluten-free cakes and premixes are increasingly finding favour with consumers around the world, despite the fact that they often have to compromise on the eating quality of the cake. Quite often, gluten-free cakes tend to dry out and are less structured and well-tasting than their traditional counterparts.

With Emulpals® added to the mix that will no longer be the case as the emulsifier is able to hold high amounts of liquid oils in the batter without changing the mouthfeel, allowing for soft and moist cakes with an eating quality lasting for days.

Our bakery application specialists have developed a wide library of gluten-free recipes, which we gladly share with customers, just as we can help them convert their conventional recipes into delicious, gluten-free varieties.

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