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Einar Viggo Schou, who acquired the Palsgaard Estate in 1908 and subsequently established the industrial enterprises there in 1919, could express the core values that were close to his heart in just three words: Loyalty - Diligence - Persistence. Words that acted as guiding principles for his entire life and which still live on in our corporate culture.

Today, over one hundred years later, Palsgaard's values are fundamentally the same, albeit expressed slightly differently as: Loyalty - Responsibility - Commitment

As a Palsgaard employee, you are expected to adhere to the Palsgaard values in this manner:


Acting with loyalty at Palsgaard means, among other things, that you always act loyally in relation to joint decisions, agreements, accepted operational processes and strategic objectives, etc. Loyalty is also about focusing on the customer and/or your colleague to ensure that a good and long-term collaboration is created and maintained.


Acting with commitment at Palsgaard means, among other things, that you work with dedication and focus to fulfil the objectives set and are willing to make an extra effort when required. Commitment is shown by your active contribution to making Palsgaard a good place to work for all employees. Commitment is also about taking professional pride in your work, becoming involved and taking initiative when required.



Acting with responsibility at Palsgaard means, among other things, that you always focus on the customer. Responsibility means taking responsibility for completing your assignments on time and at the quality agreed upon, as well as promoting both your own safety and that of others in relation to sustainability and the working environment. Finally, responsibility is about actively contributing to your own training and development.

To be loyal, responsible and committed includes that Palsgaard as a company:

  • Is a professional and efficient business partner
  • Develops and sells products of superior quality
  • Places the customer at the centre of our activities
  • Works proactively and in a timely manner
  • Is socially responsible
  • Provides a good workplace

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