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Emulsifiers for frying margarine

Palsgaard offers a variety of emulsifiers for use in frying margarines. We’ll help you deliver high-quality standard margarines in block form or as liquid margarines. If you'd like them salt-reduced or allergen-free, we’ll take care of that, too.


Let's co-create your next frying margarine

At Palsgaard, we continue to build on the ground-breaking innovations of our founder Einar Viggo Schou, who a century ago revolutionized the margarine industry by inventing the world’s first industrially produced emulsifier, the Palsgaard Emulsion Oil.

Ever since our application centres and other extensive testing facilities have provided both Palsgaard and our customers with the unique opportunity to experience know-how put to work.

We know that there's much more to creating frying margarine than simply choosing the right emulsifiers and ingredients. That's why we'll provide you with world-class advice on how to secure exactly the right processing conditions for your production facilities.

Contact us today to order samples of our frying margarine emulsifiers and try them in our extensive library of recipes.



  • Tailor-made emulsifiers for frying margarine
  • Easy-to-melt pellets and powders
  • Non-palm alternatives available
  • Lecithin-free alternatives available
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher / Halal-certified
  • Available as RSPO SG certified
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories



  • Very little spattering during frying – also in salt-reduced and allergen-free recipes
  • Won’t stick to the pan
  • Good foam on the top of the molten/liquid margarine
  • Good browning effect
  • Even frying performance
  • Trans-fat free
  • Emulsion stability – no oiling out


Global margarine application support

Take advantage of our unique insights into consumer trends and specific local requirements, and choose Palsgaard for your next innovative project. Our experienced food technologists are experts at solving challenges within aeration, crystallisation, plastification, fat reduction, spatter control and all-purpose, in addition to equipment limitations, or ingredient availability – and they are happy to share their know-how. With application centres in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, help is never far away.

See how we can help you in the video and learn more about our application centres here:


Share our expertise in liquid margarine

Liquid frying margarine appeals to consumers because it's easy to use and, with its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, has a healthier profile than traditional frying margarine. And its superior frying performance makes it a great alternative to liquid oil, too.

Because it's used in many ways, consumers place plenty of demands on its performance – demands that present serious challenges for margarine manufacturers.

Palsgaard has been working with liquid margarine as a concept well before it became a consumer product, so we're truly experts in this area.

Using a combination of emulsifiers and oil absorbers, we can solve just about any challenge you may face, including:

  • Stability
  • Oiling out
  • Viscosity
  • Spattering

Contact us today for advice on how to get started producing successful liquid margarines.


Emulsifier applications and functionalities in frying margarines

Emulsifiers have different functionalities in margarines and often complement each other, leading to improved product quality:

  • Mono- and diglycerides (E471) lower the interfacial tension in the water-in-oil emulsion, increase the viscosity of the emulsion so that the tendency to phase reversion is reduced, and prevent the agglomeration of the water droplets. Mixing monoglycerides with different HLB values will create a more stable margarine with good anti-spattering behaviour
  • Citrem, Citric acid esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (E472c) such as Palsgaard® Citrem 3203 offer an allergen-free alternative to lecithin with good emulsification and anti-spattering behaviour, and can be used in all-purpose margarines also
  • Lecithin, (E322) is an emulsifier well-suited for frying margarine ensuring less spattering, a good foam and an even browning effect. With both a lipophile and hydrophile part, lecithin helps provide the right balance between stability and instability in the emulsion
  • Crystal promoters such as Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 6191 create the crystal network, giving the oil-absorbing effect that will prevent oiling out and improve the viscosity of the liquid margarine
  • Integrated products such as Palsgaard® 0170, Palsgaard® 0172, Palsgaard® 0184 and Palsgaard® 3237, are well-balanced emulsifier blends, which are designed to create a stable emulsion, with small water droplets which are nicely dispersed in the emulsion. These products are suitable for household general-purpose margarines, which can be used for a broad range of applications such as baking, frying and as breakfast margarine. Palsgaard® 0170 and, Palsgaard® 0172 are lecithin-free.


How would you like your frying margarine?

You may be looking to develop a trans-fat-free margarine. Or a product that’s lower on both fat and costs without compromising frying properties. Perhaps you want to switch from a lecithin to a non-lecithin formulation. Or you may be looking to reduce the salt-content and remove milk solids – and preferably without affecting the spattering effect.

Whatever your goal, you'll need a good emulsifier system, carefully crafted with the right ingredients.

Our technical experts have compiled more than 1,000 multi-parameter trials into a ‘solution-engine’ that can help determine how to achieve and maintain the best possible frying performance.

Learn more about how you can benefit from our trials in this technical article.


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