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Emulsifiers for chocolate and confectionery

Palsgaard is known throughout the world as a global market-leader in non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers such as PGPR, and AMP, which can supplement and outperform lecithin.

We specialise in

AMP – Quality Chocolate

Crystal promoters

Oil binders

PGPR – for optimum viscosity control


Global confectionery application support

Switching one ingredient for another can be complicated, but replacing lecithin with AMP doesn’t have to be. Our experienced food technologists are experts at adjusting recipes, optimising flow properties, reducing costs, increasing stability or achieving better yield value – and they are happy to share their know-how and help you get started using AMP.

See how you can benefit from our global application centres in this video and read more below:


Making more out of less

In chocolate and confectionery, the ability to maximize cost efficiencies, achieve specific flow properties and avoid thickening in low-fat chocolate have always been high priorities. To support these aims, Palsgaard provides non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers such as PGPR and AMP, which can safely and sustainably supplement or even outperform lecithin. And we offer vegetable fat-based oil binders and crystal promoters to prevent separation, too. 

Recently, sustainably sourced and produced ingredients have become an increasing global priority. Recognising this, Palsgaard’s responsibly produced emulsifiers are ready to help you step up to the challenges of:

  • Maintaining product quality
  • Getting more out of your raw materials
  • Using less energy in production
  • Better management of raw material shortages
  • Increased control of harvest variations
  • Greater supply chain control

We know emulsifiers

With 100 years of experience in emulsifiers for baked goodsice cream and fat-based fillings, Palsgaard is the ideal partner for developing a complete range of complex confectioneries from chocolate-coated Swiss rolls to ice cream.

Our extensive expertise in rheology and chocolate flow properties, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and a special focus on sustainability, enables you to produce quality products and protect your brand for the future.

Optimise your recipes at our application centres

Adjusting your chocolate and confectionery recipes, optimising their flow properties, reducing costs and solving seemingly impossible problems are just some of the services we offer our customers at our application centres in Denmark, Türkiye, India and Mexico. 

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