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Hello there!

Hopefully you're here because you found our "Nutri-Score A" muffins so delicious that they awakened your curiosity into how Palsgaard can help you to transform your favourite cakes into even better versions of themselves?

That's great - read on below....

What are you eating?

Our bakery application teams were challenged with creating a delicious mini-muffin which ticked all the boxes when it comes to flavour, texture and long shelf-life... but they also critically had to be ranked as "A" on the Nutri-Score scale. 

Not an easy task... but the proof is indeed in the eating. 


What did we put inside?

We don't mind sharing our secrets with friends - it's something we've done for over a century.

So before you indulge, please read the Ingredients List below:

Wheat flour, Eggs, Vegetable oil (Rapeseed), Sugar, Inulin, Glycerol (E422), Maltodextrin, Sorbitol (E420), Wheat Protein, Water, Modified starch (E1422), Skimmed milk powder, Potassium bicarbonate (E501), Mono Diglycerides (E471), GDL (Glucono Delta Lactone) (E575), Calcium dihydrogen diphosphate (E450), Rice flour, Potassium sorbate (E 202), Polyglycerol Esters (E475), Monocalcium dihydrogen phosphate (E341), Salt, Xanthan Gum (E415), Flavoring (Vanillin).


You can download your own Nutri-Score Calculator directly from this website: Nutri-Score Website

It's time to challenge us!

Challenge us with your Nutri-Score reformulation project.

If you have a project to improve your cake or cake mix Nutri-Score ranking, make sure that you reach out to Palsgaard. 

We’re ready to work our magic on any challenge you may have.

Our Application Centres in Denmark and Turkey are the ideal places to test out your ideas and bring them together with our experience of fast-tracking new product developments and launches. 


Ready for a baking adventure?

Just get in touch with me and let’s get started on creating your healthier, yet still utterly delicious, cake experience.

Email me at [email protected]
or phone me directly on +49 1511 0478710

And connect with me on LinkedIn

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Best baking regards, 

Marcel Rossmann


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