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Anti-static additives for PE films

Palsgaard offers a number of ethoxylated amine-free and amide-free long-term or short-term bio-based and food-grade anti-static additives tailored to meet the multiple demands of PE film producers. Whether it be monolayer, coextruded or laminated, we can help you control static build-up on the film surface.



  • Highly effective replacement for anti-static ethoxylated amines and amides
  • A custom-designed polyglycerol ester made from fatty acids, all of vegetable origin
  • An internal anti-static additive for additive masterbatches
  • Worldwide regulatory approval for food-contact applications
  • Available in paste form



  • Can be used for PE, EVA, PLA, PA and PVC grades by adjusting the dosage level
  • Prevents dust attraction to plastic articles and enables clean and dust-free packaging in production and final application
  • Facilitates static dissipation during filling and loading of plastic packaging
  • No stress-cracking of polycarbonate
  • No adverse effects on mechanical, optical, and barrier properties
  • No worries when used in food-grade applications
  • Consultancy and technical evaluations available from our applications team

Boost performance in PE films with Einar® anti-static additives - safe and efficient solutions

Einar® anti-static additives offer excellent performance in a very broad range of PE applications. In most LDPE and LLDPE film it will provide a good and sufficient performance at low loading levels. In HDPE, a highly crystalline material where anti-stat migration is low, anti-stat concentrations need to be higher. 

In coextruded or laminated packaging films, the anti-stat is often added to a very thin section of the entire film and therefore, the anti-stat must be a very reliable and efficient performer. Palsgaard’s anti-static additives will deliver the performance you need and have proven to deliver excellent performance when used in the thinner film sections of a sealing layer such as metallocene LLDPE. 

Rivalling the performance of current industry standards such as ethoxylated amine and amides, our anti-static additives are efficient and safe alternatives. Inherently food-grade and 100% plant-based, they eliminate any concerns about food safety.  

Ensure optimal packaging efficiency with efficient anti-stats for PE films

PE film is commonly used in a very broad range of packaging applications and the need for efficient anti-stats is crucial in the packaging of powdered products. It is required that bags can be properly heat sealed and there should be no contamination from packaged products in the heat seal area. An efficient anti-stat protection that will work well, also under low humidity conditions, ensures smooth operation with the packaging of powdered products on high-speed packaging lines. 

In packaging electronic components, it is a particular requirement that the anti-stat works well under very low humidity conditions. It must also be guaranteed that the anti-stat chemistry has no detrimental effects on packaged products such as stress cracking of polycarbonate when the packaging material is in direct contact with polycarbonate components. 

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