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How to ensure efficient anti-static performance in low humidity conditions

Electronic packaging demands efficient anti-static solutions that work well under low humidity conditions without causing unwanted side effects.

This article delves into the importance of stability at low humidity and reduced oiliness in electronic packaging.


Anti-stats for electronics packaging

When looking for efficient anti-stats for electronic packaging applications, it’s a requirement that they function well at low humidity conditions and that they cause no negative effects such as stress-cracking of polycarbonate and that they cause no oily residue on the packaging surface.

Conventional anti-stats such as ethoxylated amines and diethanolamide are known to cause stress-cracking and in the case of amides lead to excessive migration resulting in the development of an oily residue on the packaging film.

By switching to Einar® 601, a plant-based anti-static additive, manufacturers of polyethylene electronics packaging can overcome these challenges and benefit in several ways:

Enhanced Performance in Low Humidity

Einar® 601 is specifically formulated to maintain its effectiveness in low humidity conditions. It provides consistent static control, reducing the risks of electrostatic discharge damage to sensitive electronic components.

Prevention of Polycarbonate Stress-Cracking

PC is a popular material for electronic components due to its mechanical strength and dimensional stability. However, using traditional additives can lead to stress-cracking in PC, compromising safety and functionality of the finished product. Einar® 601 offers excellent compatibility with PC, ensuring that stress-cracking risks are minimised.

Reduced Oiliness of Packaging Film 

Traditional anti-static additives may leave an oily residue on the packaging film, making it difficult to handle and potentially contaminating the electronic components. Einar® 601, in contrast, produces less oiliness even at the same typical dosage, improving manufacturing efficiency and product quality by keeping the film clean and easy to handle.

By making the switch to  Einar® 601, manufacturers can achieve improved performance, prevent stress-cracking, minimise oiliness and reduce costs in their electronics packaging, particularly in low-humidity conditions.

Expert support 

Palsgaard offers technical support and expertise to assist manufacturers in the proper utilisation of Einar® additives. This guidance ensures that manufacturers can effectively incorporate the additives into their production processes while maximising safety and performance.


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