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How to solve your top 5 anti-static protection problems

In the ever-evolving landscape of the plastics industry, rapid changes are reshaping traditional approaches. Palsgaard, a leading additives producer, has emerged as a catalyst for transformation, particularly in addressing the challenges faced by customers seeking effective, cost-efficient and sustainable anti-static performance. 

Based on our work in the field and through extensive research conducted at our Polymer Application Centre, Palsgaard has identified five critical pain points where conventional additive solutions often fall short. In response, Palsgaard’s Einar® plant-based anti-stats have proven to be a superior, safe and sustainable alternative, offering exceptional solutions to enhance application success.

Read the article to discover:

  1. How to improve packaging recyclability 
  2. How to achieve efficient anti-static protection in thinner packaging layers
  3. How to enhance thin-wall injection moulded PP for sustainable packaging
  4. How to replace Ethoxylated Amines with safer alternatives without compromising on anti-static performance
  5. How to ensure efficient anti-static performance in low humidity conditions

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