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Einar® 4924
– Glyceryl stearate citrate

Einar® 4924 is designed for use in body care, face/neck care, eye care, cleansers, sun care, deodorants, hair care and baby care. It comes in powder form and has a melting point of 60°C. Its HLB value is 10 - 12. It is suitable for hot processes and can be added to the oil phase and the water phase, the recommended usage range is 0.5 - 4.0%. Einar® 4924 is made from RSPO-certified, sustainable palm oil and has a Natural Origin Index (ISO 16128) of 1.  


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Einar® 4901
– Glyceryl oleate citrate  

Einar® 4927
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– Sodium stearoyl lactylate