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Creating the Future of Personal Care Ingredients

Vegetable oils from sustainably sourced palm, sunflower or rapeseed are the source of a variety of highly useful lipids and acids, which can be transformed into safe, sustainable personal care ingredients given the right mindset and the tenacity needed in long, deliberate research efforts.

At Palsgaard, we have fine-tuned this skillset over a century of pioneering work, primarily in the global food industry. Today, we apply the same knowledge and innovative spirit to develop plant-based functional solutions for the personal care ingredient sector, marketed under the name Einar®.

Personal Care Application Centre

At Palsgaard, we are committed to helping our clients in the personal care industry to innovate and excel. Our  Personal Care Application Centre is your gateway to a world of possibilities, offering comprehensive solutions to enhance your product formulations. With ingredients for a diverse range of personal care applications, we'll provide the tools you need to elevate your formulations to the next level.

Our team of dedicated application specialists is always at your service. We encourage open dialogue and collaboration to help you bring your innovative ideas to life. Whether you're looking to enhance a specific product or create entirely new formulations, our experts are here to discuss ideas, provide insights, and guide you toward success.

At Palsgaard, we understand that quality and performance are paramount in personal care products. That's why our Application Centre is equipped to test formulations for essential qualities such as shelf-life, stability, and performance. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence ensures that your formulations meet the highest standards.

Exploring Our Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio includes a wide array of high-functioning non-ionic emulsifiers, anionic emulsifiers, and oil-thickeners carefully designed to meet the demands of the personal care industry. Whether you're seeking Polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate, Glyceryl stearate citrate, Glyceryl oleate, oil-thickeners or other more specialised ingredients, we have you covered.

Within our Personal Care Application Centre, we offer a dynamic environment where we can help you test and develop personal care ingredients with confidence. Our seasoned experts can help you assess the functionality of our ingredients in model systems, guiding you toward the ideal formulations based on our high-quality products.

The Nexus of Innovative Personal Care Ingredients

Nexus, the autonomous research division within Palsgaard, is dedicated to advancing the science behind our personal care ingredients. Through meticulous scientific investigations, we continuously enhance the functionality, quality, and cost-efficiency of our products. Our dynamic collaboration with both our business units and valued customers, coupled with fundamental research within our emulsifiers, positions us as leaders in the realm of personal care innovation.

From fundamental glycerol monostearate (GMS) to cutting-edge polyglycerol esters (PGEs), Nexus serves as a reliable source of consultancy and inspiration, pushing the boundaries of current personal care solutions.


The Einar® series of non-ionic emulsifiers can be used in a variety of personal care products, including lotions and creams, shampoos and conditioners, sunscreens and deodorants and antiperspirants.



The Einar® series of anionic emulsifiers can be used in a variety of personal care products, including shampoos and conditioners, body washes and shower gels, facial cleansers and scrubs, moisturizers and lotions and sunscreens.



The Einar® series of oil-thickeners can be used in a variety of personal care products, lotions and creams, body and face oils, sunscreens, hair conditioners and lip balms.