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The Palsgaard Brand Book

The purpose of this document

The purpose of this brand book is to make sure we are all working in the same direction as we build the Palsgaard brand – and to make it as easy as possible to do so.

The brand book introduces you to both the high-level aspects of the brand like our history and our values – but also takes you through everything you need to know about the visual identity of the brand, like the use of our logo, colour palette, typography, and images.

A recipe for success?

We want to make it easy to create assets that support the Palsgaard position and identity, and we hope you'll find this guide comprehensive, useful and easy to work with.

Working with the Brand Book

The brand book is presented in an interactive pdf, which you navigate by clicking the links at the bottom of each page. In it you'll also find links to our logos, swatches, icons and other graphic elements.

For further assistance and access to high-resolution images, please don't hesitate to contact Global Brand Communications Manager Mette Dal Steffensen.


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