Enter Palsgaard's world of emulsifiers and stabilisers

Enter our world of emulsifiers and stabilisers

100 years of experience

Established in 1919 and specialised in emulsifiers and stabilisers ever since

500 employees worldwide

Wherever you are and whatever problem you're facing, we're there to help

CO2-neutral production

Since 2018 all of Palsgaard's products have been produced in carbon-neutral factories.

What we can do for you

Emulsifier Specialist Palsgaard Achieves Its Target Of Global Carbon Neutrality

CO2 neutral production – an industry first!

Use Palsgaard's emulsifiers To Get Control Over Your Ice Cream Coatings

How to get control over your ice cream coatings

Palsgaard Offers Bakers In Asia An Active Solution To Removing Phos From Their Cakes

An active solution to removing PHOs in baked goods

Einar V Schou Most Likely 1899

years of emulsifiers

Zero food safety incidents and product recalls

Palsgaard and Corporate Social Responsibility