• Emulsifiers, stabilizers and know-how put to work for 100 years

    Founded on a strong philosophy of loyalty, commitment and responsibility we've made our mark on the global ingredients market for generations. We are a company of "heart working" people and invite you to come closer.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    CSR has been part of Palsgaard's principles and values since before the term was invented. Find out why and discover how we work strategically with CSR within the areas of Corporate Governance, Energy & Environment, Products and Employees.

  • Emulsifiers for bakery

    Discover how Palsgaard’s world-class bakery emulsifiers can help you to achieve unrivalled batter stability, improved cake volume and texture, prolonged shelf-life and cost reductions.

  • Emulsifiers for chocolate and confectionery

    Our plant-based, sustainable emulsifiers help you meet new challenges without affecting quality or pricing.

  • Emulsifiers & stabilizers for dairy

    Want to improve the mouth-feel and shelf-life of chocolate milk? Investigate better water-holding capacity for your yoghurt? Or improve protein stability for UHT whipping cream…?

  • Emulsifiers & stabilizers for ice cream

    At Palsgaard, we take your ice cream very seriously. We've developed a full range of emulsifiers, stabilizers and integrated blends to achieve the qualities your customers prefer.

  • Emulsifiers for margarine

    Aeration, crystallization, fat reduction and plastification: Control these four basic properties and you can craft your margarine products to meet almost any requirement.

  • Emulsifiers & stabilizers for fine foods

    Whether you want to develop a new fat-free dressing, create a low-fat mayonnaise or optimize a recipe for your heat-stable sauce, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

  • Safe and sustainable functional agents for polymer applications

    Palsgaard's Einar® range of vegetable-based anti-static and anti-fogging agents and colour dispersing aids offer new, safe and sustainable alternatives for the plastics and polymer industry.

A quick win for manufacturers seeking sustainable ingredients

Recipes based on sustainable ingredients help to answer consumer and manufacturer health, safety and environmental concerns. And they
can open doors to new markets, too.

Benefit from our full product range of emulsifiers, made from 100% RSPO-certified SG palm oil, and produced in CO2-neutral factories.

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Customer service, application know-how and unrivaled product performance

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New blog spotlights potential of sustainable emulsifiers

Emulsifiers for Good is an open, online and non-promotional forum, providing a platform for experts within the global food and non-food industry to share their unique perspectives, discoveries and other experiences related to emulsifiers.

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A proud tradition for entrepreneurship
achievement and cooperation

Einar Viggo Schou, a Danish entrepreneur founded the Palsgaard company.
In 1908 he found a home for his family and for his future industrial adventure at the beautiful Palsgaard Estate. Here he invented and patented the world’s first commercial emulsifier.
Palsgaard A/S was given its name after the estate and today, the headquarters are still situated in conjunction with the old main buildings

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