Mass Balance products

    Find out what to expect when you purchase emulsifiers based on RSPO SCCS Mass Balance palm oil from Palsgaard and what is required to handle MB orders.

    What is RSPO SCCS Mass Balance?

    The Mass Balance (MB) supply chain model is a system which on a purely administrative level monitors the trade of RSPO certified palm oil products throughout the entire supply chain. The documentation for ingoing and outgoing palm oil and palm oil (PO) derivatives in a RSPO certified company must demonstrate that the purchase of PO raw materials and the sales of PO products are constantly balancing (from this: Mass Balance).

    The MB model allows each participant within the supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable palm oil production and to actively promote the trading of RSPO certified palm oil.

    The system allows for mixing of RSPO and non-RSPO certified palm oil at any stage in the supply chain provided that the overall site quantities are controlled.

    What is required from me?

    If a company wants to purchase MB certified raw materials, to use it in a product and finally sell the product with a MB claim, it must have RSPO SCCS certification. The certification requires an implemented and RSPO approved system for administration of the MB purchase and sales, which need to be validated by an independent third party. As an example, Palsgaard is audited annually by Bureau Veritas. If you have more than one production site, each individual site will need to be certified and audited. Palsgaard's production sites in Denmark and Malaysia are both RSPO SCCS Mass Balance certified.

    If you have any questions to this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply fill in the form on the right and wait for a local representative to contact you.    

    Palsgaard’s certification on RSPO MB

    In order to obtain the MB certificate you must handle relevant documents from your supplier to prove the MB purchase. As a MB supplier Palsgaard has defined our relevant documents as:

    • Order confirmation
    • Invoice
    • Delivery note

    The above documents include:  

    • Product name
    • Stating that the product is MB
    • Palsgaard RSPO certification number

    View our RSPO certificate here

    Because MB is an administrative system, the conventional product and the product covered by a MB certification are identical and the product specification for the „two“ products will contain exactly the same information. The RSPO SCCS does not mention any requirements on MB marking on the product specification nor on the label.  

    The MB system is a way to ensure that a certain amount of CSPO is being used in the market. The MB RSPO certified supply chain is supporting a sustainable production of palm oil without identifying in which production the CSPO is used. By participating in the use of CSPO the companies demonstrate a voluntary support of the biodiversity agenda.   

    Questions about sustainable emulsifiers?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the difference between Segregated palm oil and Mass Balance products or find out what it takes for you to become SCCS certified.

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