What does RSPO SG mean?

    Find out what to expect when you purchase emulsifiers based on RSPO SCCS Segregated palm oil from Palsgaard and what is required to handle SG orders.

    What is RSPO SCCS Segregation (SG)?

    RSPO's SG supply chain model ensures that the RSPO certified palm oil products and their derivatives such as palm kernel oil delivered to the end user come from only RSPO SG certified sources – i.e. that they are kept segregated from other non-certified products. See the figure above.

    The model does, however, permit the mixing of RSPO SG certified palm oil from a variety of sources. The SG supply chain model assures that 100% of the physical product originates from RSPO certified estates/plantations. However, the physical oil will not be uniquely identified to a specific estate/plantation as in the case of Identity Preserved.

    The SG approach requires that the RSPO CSPO from estates/plantations is kept separately from material from non-RSPO certified estates/plantations at every stage of production, processing, refining and manufacturing throughout the supply chain.

    To maintain our RSPO SCCS SG certification, Palsgaard has clear procedures and record keeping to assure and verify that the RSPO SG certified raw materials we use are kept separated from non-certified materials during transport, storage and production.

    How does Palsgaard handle SG orders?

    The SG supply chain model ensures physical usage of palm oil and derivatives from RSPO certified estates/plantations. An SG product and the similar product produced of conventional palm oil may contain different palm oil-based raw materials.

    As a standard at Palsgaard, products have the same identification number and the documents listed below state their SG status. As an example, the pallet label can be marked SG but the product bag or carton will not include SG labelling.

    The following documents are marked with SG status:
    • Order confirmation
    • Invoice
    • Delivery note

    The information on the documents includes:
    • Product name
    • Statement that the product is SG
    • Palsgaard RSPO certification number

    In doubt? Ask us for help!

    Should you have any questions regarding the above or would you like to know more about what it takes for you to become RSPO SCCS SG certified (as you must do in order to claim it for your products), please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply fill in the form on the right and a local Palsgaard representative will contact you.

    View our RSPO certificate here.

    Questions about sustainable emulsifiers?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the difference between Segregated palm oil and Mass Balance products or find out what it takes for you to become SCCS certified.

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