Sustainability principles and goals are embedded in Palsgaard's strategic business plan and is an integral part of our entire innovation and new product development lifecycle. Our extensive quality assurance system provides a management platform with clear documentation to encourage efficient, targeted and sustainable development projects.

    Raw materials

    The use of sustainable raw materials is prioritised, as evidenced by our commitment to the RSPO and EPOA sustainable palm oil initiatives. This is further solidified through our participation in the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Business Initiative for Sustainable Palm Oil and the Danish Task Force on sustainable palm oil. 

    Responsible development

    When our product development team makes decisions about the properties of a new product, its production process and the raw materials to be incorporated, the team also considers potential benefits to society and the environment. Through such efforts, for example: 

    Innovation for health

    We continuously seek to adapt our product range to match the latest knowledge about the impact of food products on consumer health and well-being. An example of using our expertise in emulsifiers to create healthy recipes is showcased in ice-cream. 

    Traditionally a high saturated fat product, which lends ice cream its smooth and creamy texture, health-conscious consumers are now seeking options containing less saturated fat. Particularly as scientific research points to the role of saturated fat in increasing the risk of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, for example. By using the carefully crafted emulsifier, ice cream manufacturers can reduce the amount of saturated fat in their recipes without compromising on the qualities that consumers have come to love. Read about it more in this article.

    Another example is the redevelopment of the Devil’s Food cake – a fluffy, rich, moist chocolate treat loaded with sugar and saturated fats. The result is a gluten-free, sugar-free cake that is every bit as delicious, but without trans fats, shortening or hydrogenated oil and can be created in under three minutes. Find out more about how we did it in this article

    Food safety

    The ISO FSSC-22000 certification of Palsgaard's management system for food safety outlines a systematic procedure assessing food safety issues for new raw materials. This ensures that we proactively evaluate risks and document the safety of future finished products. All production facilities are ISO FSSC-22000-certified. We have a clean record of zero food incidents and product recalls and our robust food safety management system offers 100 percent traceability from supplier to customer. 

    For more information about our food safety and quality practices, visit our food safety page.

    The 2017 CSR report further details our commitments.

    “We’ve invested in food safety and sustainable sourcing for many years, pioneering the development of these areas and making the results available to our customers to help them stay ahead of market trends. And we have certainly seen it pay off for them.”

    Jakob Thøisen, CEO, Palsgaard A/S

    Palsgaard and CSR

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