Sustainable product development is an integral part of our entire innovation and new product development lifecycle. And it all starts with the inclusion of sustainability principles and goals in Palsgaard's strategic business plan.

    Sustainable product development

    When our development team makes decisions about the properties of a new product, its production process and the raw materials to be incorporated, the team considers potential benefits to society and the environment. Through such efforts, for example:

    All development projects are managed and documented through our quality assurance system to ensure efficient, targeted and sustainable development that takes into account all relevant issues. The use of sustainable raw materials is prioritised, as evidenced by our deep commitment to the RSPO and EPOA sustainable palm oil initiatives.

    We continuously seek to adapt our product range to match the latest knowledge about the impact of food products on consumer health and well-being. For example, to prove that enough expertise and the right emulsifiers can create healthy recipes to match traditional cakes, we revisited the Devil’s Food cake – a fluffy, rich, moist chocolate treat loaded with sugar and saturated fats, and baked using chlorinated flour.

    The result was a gluten-free, sugar-free cake that is every bit as delicious, but without trans fats, shortening or hydrogenated oil and able to be created in under 3 minutes. And, instead of several production steps, the new cake demands only a single round, saving time and energy. Find out more about how we did it in this article.

    Food safety

    The ISO/FSSC 22000 certification of Palsgaard's management system for food safety includes an extensive procedure for systematically assessing food safety issues for new raw materials. This ensures that we proactively evaluate risks and document the safety of future products. All production facilities are ISO/FSSC 22000 certified.

    Palsgaard and CSR

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