Energy & Environment

    We've set an overall target of becoming CO2-neutral by 2020 around the world. Palsgaard Denmark achieved this goal in 2015 and Palsgaard Mexico in 2016, almost two years ahead of other emulsifier suppliers.

    Global vision

    Palsgaard is an increasingly global company, focused on developing and producing fully sustainable emulsifiers. Therefore, we focus on two key aspects:

    • Sourcing sustainable raw materials
    • CO2-neutral production

    We joined the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in 2008 and in 2016 we became the first in our industry to offer a full range of RSPO SG-certified emulsifiers. We are audited annually on our application of the standard and the requisite RSPO PalmTrace commitment.

    Another key target is for all production entities to be CO2-neutral by 2020, achieving this by reducing our energy consumption wherever possible and neutralising the remaining COemissions via, for example, energy from certified wind turbines and biogas certificates. Our Danish production facility achieved 100% CO2-neutrality in 2015, five years ahead of the global target of 2020, while our Mexican plant celebrated CO2-neutrality in 2016. 

    See the 2016 CSR report for further information.

    Utilisation of raw materials and derivative products

    We strive to increase our raw material utilisation rate and reduce overall use of resources. This includes increasing our material utilisation rate and optimising production processes, minimising the amount of by-products and products that do not meet specifications.

    Palsgaard produces very limited amounts of production waste. A special system records and labels derivative products, enabling us to effectively reduce, sort and re-use them.

    Production waste water

    Process waste water mainly comes from the cleaning of containers and pipes, and contains remnants of vegetable oil, fat, phosphorus and nitrogen. Our own pre-treatment plant removes the majority of these remnants before release into the municipal water treatment plant.

    We reduce waste water via cooling water recycling systems, optimised cleaning procedures, the production of larger batches, reduction of water usage in vacuum pumps, automatic closure valves and more. Primary focus has been optimising the flow of products to streamline production processes.


    At less than 1.5 percent of the overall weight of our products, outbound packaging volumes are small. In Denmark, all packaging cartons are FSC-certified and labelled as such, while many bags are FSC-certified. All inbound packaging is sorted for recycling. Specialised external companies handle the majority of our inbound packaging for recycling purposes, while transport pallets are sold for re-use.

    Palsgaard and CSR

    Check out our video explaining how we work with CSR around the world

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