Palsgaard's tagline - Heart Working People - expresses our unique culture and sums up our caring approach. We put our hearts into our work and are committed to our surroundings.

    The owner of Palsgaard, the Schou Foundation, aims to ensure an attractive workplace for all our employees. This principle is central to our mission and our values of loyalty, responsibility and commitment. 

    Job satisfaction

    A biennial employee satisfaction survey is conducted at all our locations with recent results indicating high job satisfaction (an average of 77 points out of 100 across all sites). The surveys are carried out in partnership with Ennova, ensuring that we can compare our results with other European businesses via the Global Employee and Leadership Index®. 

    Well-being and retention

    Palsgaard values the health and well-being of its employees, and our relationship with our employees rests on the premise that a working life should be able to accommodate both strong and weak phases. 

    We try to retain or relocate employees who can no longer complete duties outlined in their original job description and arrange absence interviews in the event of long-term illness. These interviews are used to discuss measures that may reduce the employee's period of absence, initiate gradual return, or adapt the duties in the employee’s role. Our HR management team provides confidential, job-related advice, and works to support vulnerable employees. 

    We also carry out annual development conversations with all employees to evaluate expectations and identify areas for improvement. 

    Health and safety

    Palsgaard's Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) organisation comprises working environment committees at Palsgaard A/S. It handles issues relating to day-to-day operations, workplace risk assessments, industrial accidents and near-misses. A record high of 15 workplace accidents were recorded in 2017 and in response to this, a global Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) team has been formed. The department’s main responsibility is to improve safety on and in between our sites. 

    Community connections

    Palsgaard's headquarters are located within the small, rural community of Juelsminde in Denmark, where we support a variety of charities and local activities, including the Danish Cancer Society and a refugee support organisation, Dansk Flygtningehjælp. We extend similar practices to other communities in which we are active around the world. For example, helping the Red Cross provide aid in typhoon-affected areas of the Philippines and supporting those affected by the earthquake in Mexico.

    An ongoing partnership with BØRNEfonden (the Children’s Foundation) has spanned over 10 years. The organisation implements projects to improve public health and education opportunities for children living in West Africa. 

    Palsgaard depends on a highly qualified workforce, and we see it as our duty to contribute to shaping and developing the education of future generations. We work at an international and national level with educational establishments and knowledge centers, including universities. 

    During 2017, Palsgaard Denmark assisted 18 people to further their education or keep their jobs under special circumstances. This number includes people in flexible jobs, students from Denmark and abroad carrying out their practical work, and others in job rotation schemes. Palsgaard’s scholarship programme supports students in the food technology, science or nutrition fields, providing financial help with tuition fees, books, living expenses, and other study-related expenses. 

    The 2017 CSR report further details our commitments.

    “I believe people want to work in a meaningful role – and for a company with a meaningful purpose. Palsgaard is able to offer both aspects to many different individuals from a wide variety of cultures."

    Jakob Thøisen, CEO, Palsgaard A/S

    Palsgaard and CSR

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