The first industrial company to achieve CO2-neutrality in Mexico

    In 2016, Palsgaard achieved another major milestone on the road to a global zero-carbon footprint by the end of 2020: Our factory in Mexico became CO2-neutral.

    How we achieved CO2-neutrality in Mexico

    Work started in 2012, when we first began installing solar panels on the factory's roofs. Today, over 400 panels generate 95% of the electrical energy needed to run the factory. 

    Other projects, such as piping insulation, calorific energy recovery from steam condensates, LED lighting, and the use of natural light via translucent ceiling sheets have also helped reduce the factory’s emissions.

    In 2016, the remaining CO2-emissions* related to LPG Gas consumption and 5% of electricity from non-renewable sources were compensated through the purchase of carbon off sets through the provider MEXICO2.

    In 2017, the company will continue working to diminish CO2-emissions by improving energy usage efficiency.

    Mexico has a national target of having a 35% clean energy supply by 2024, so Palsgaard Mexico has not only ensured its contribution to this target, but even better, reached 100% CO2-neutrality eight years ahead of time. 

    Want to know more?

    Read more about how we celebrated our CO2-neutrality status in Mexico in this news article.

    *Deloitte has verified that Palsgaard Mexico has offset its consolidated CO2 emissions related to electricity consumption and natural gas consumption for the production site in San Luis Potosí, Mexico in 2016. For the full statement from Deloitte, click here.

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