Emulsifiers and stabilizers for soy milk

    Perceived as a healthier alternative to dairy milk, soy milk has been part of the Asian diet for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world, too.

    Making soy milk convenient

    Soy milk has traditionally been produced in small batches in small shops and with a short shelf-life. Today's consumers, however, with their modern lifestyles, demand products with longer shelf-lives and which remain safe and stable during the entire storage period. As a result, manufacturers need to look for new production methods if they want to match today's market requirements.

    Today, UHT processing and aseptic filling have extended soy milk shelf-life at room temperature. However, for such products to consistently have the right mouth-feel and creaminess throughout their shelf-life, it's essential to use the right emulsifiers and stabilizers.

    Palsgaard has developed the integrated emulsifier and stabilizer system Palsgaard® RecMilk 122, which contains mono- and diglycerides and carrageenan. For soy chocolate milk containing particles that have to be suspended, Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173 and Palsgaard® RecMilk 131 should be used.

    Put our expertise to work for your business

    Palsgaard has well-equipped application centres in Denmark, Singapore, Mexico and China that enable us to work on creating the right blends for any given market, taking soy milk quality, recipe, process conditions and sensory preferences into consideration. Our equipment - and our experienced food technologists - enable us to work with pasteurized, UHT-treated and sterilized products and to make studies covering the entire shelf-life of soy beverages.

    Try our recipe suggestion for soy milk

    We've made our most popular recipe for soy beverages available for you to download, together with the matching product profile, on this page. This recipe is often used as a starting point for cooperation with new customers, and is then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

    For advice on how to adapt the recipes to fit your needs, and to order samples of Palsgaard® RecMilk 122 for soy milk, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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