Emulsifiers for table margarine

    Table margarine is the most common type of margarine for the retail market.

    It is often divided into three separate categories:

    For all three types, the fat content is typically 50 - 82% and the primary aims are:

    • good spreadability at 5°C or at room temperature
    • good frying performance
    • good baking performance in the home
    • convenience

    Let us help you find just the right emulsifier for your table margarine

    Because of the wide range of applications for this type of margarine, there are very specific demands placed on the emulsifiers used. Often the type of emulsifier will differ from country to country because of the salt content in the water phases, the method of storage and transportation, the way the margarines are used and many other factors.

    With subsidiaries on five continents and the additional support of a global network of agents and distributors, Palsgaard is up-to-date on new trends and developments in table margarines - and we're always ready to share our knowhow and well-equipped application centers to help you innovate.

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