Emulsifiers for very low-fat spreads

    Very low-fat spreads can be defined as water-in-oil emulsions with less than 25% fat content. Because of the minor continuous phase and the large discontinuous phase both the suitable emulsifier solutions and the process differ very much from low fat spreads with typically 40% fat content.

    Very low-fat spreads, no separation and the right mouth-feel?

    SpreadWhen fat content drops below 30%, increased viscosity in the emulsion often results in the wrong mouth-feel, as well as separated water on the surface after packing. As difficult as this may seem to solve, Palsgaard's experts are ready and able to help.

    Our wide range of emulsifying systems, based on combinations of different types of distilled mono-glycerides and PGPR, lets you successfully manufacture low-fat spreads with as little as 10% fat.

    Learn more about how to do this in this technical article.

    Test at our application centers before going full-scale

    Our pilot plants have the equipment to produce very low-fat spreads, and we have all the knowhow you'll need to create exactly the right emulsion with the desired viscosity.

    To do it, we use combinations of Palsgaard® DMG 0298 or Palsgaard® DMG 0295 and Palsgaard® PGPR 4175. We help you optimize the production process from getting the emulsion to crystallise in the right form to final filling in cups with excellent mouth-feel and no water-oil separation.

    Try our recipes for very low fat spreads

    Palsgaard offers emulsifier combinations, recipes and process descriptions for very low fat spreads with fat content from 30% to less than 10%.

    To help you get started, we've made a selection of our most used recipes for very low fat spreads available. These recipes are often used as starting points for a cooperation with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities. Download our select recipe suggestions and the matching product profiles on this page. All recipes are free from trans-fatty acids.

    For advice on how to adapt the recipes to fit your needs, and to order samples of our emulsifiers for very low-fat spreads, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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