Emulsifiers for low-fat spreads

    Low-fat spreads and reduced-fat spreads are water-in-oil emulsions with a typical fat content between 25 and 60%. With several possible compositions of the water and fat phases, all such recipes place different demands on both the emulsifiers and the production process.

    Which emulsifier combination is right for you?

    Palsgaard offers a wide range of emulsifiers for low-fat spreads with different effects in the production process and in the final spreads:

    • Distilled monoglycerides (E 471) such as Palsgaard® DMG 0291, Palsgaard® DMG 0295 and Palsgaard® DMG 0298 lower the interfacial tension in the water-in-oil emulsion, increase the viscosity of the emulsion so that the tendency to phase reversion is reduced, and prevent the agglomeration of the water droplets.
    • PGPR, polyglycerol polyricinoleate (E 476) such as Palsgaard® PGPR 4110 and Palsgaard® PGPR 4175, prevents the phase separation in the emulsion tank during preparation and in the first part of the tube chiller duringproduction.
    • Crystal promoters such as Palsgaard® 6111 and Palsgaard® 6118 make production of the spreads more secure, because the fast crystallization creates many small crystals, preventing the water droplets from agglomerating. In the final spreads, the crystal promoters work as oil absorbers, preventing oiling-out problems during the entire shelf-life of the finished product.

    Can we help to design your new low-fat spread?

    If you'd like to create, for example, a new 40% low-fat spread, you can run trials at our large-scale application centers in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore.

    If you're having problems getting desired results with your processing equipment, we can modify our pilot plants and their parameters to match your exact setup. That provides the right starting point for advising on how to adjust your production process and recipes to get the qualities you require.  With you alongside, we'll carry out trials using our emulsifier systems, either with raw materials available at Palsgaard, or using your own raw materials.

    The advantages of working with Palsgaard

    • take a short cut from initial idea to final product
    • co-create new formulations and test them in our pilot plants
    • conduct trials with your own raw materials so the results can be quickly and easily transferred to large-scale production
    • with a batch size of 60-80 kg at our pilot plants, it's easy to upscale from trials to full production

    Try our recipe suggestions for low-fat spreads

    Palsgaard offers several recipe suggestions for spreads with different composition in the fat and water phases, different fat contents and also for the inclusion of butter fat.

    We've made a selection of our most popular recipes for low-fat spreads available for you to download. These recipes are often used as starting points for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities. All recipes are free from trans-fatty acids.

    Download our select recipe suggestions and the matching product profiles on this page. 

    For advice on how to tailor recipes to fit your specific needs and for samples, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

    Would you like us to contact you?

    Please fill in the contact form below, so that we can arrange for a Palsgaard representative from your region to contact you.

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