Emulsifiers for spreads

    Today's margarine manufacturers aim to reduce fat and trans fatty acid content in their spreads. But it's not easy. Maintaining emulsion stability, viscosity and appealing sensory performance are just some of the difficulties faced when lowering the fat content.

    Palsgaard helps you to overcome these challenges.

    Easy-to-use emulsifier systems

    With our easy-to-use emulsifier systems you can prepare a stable water-in-oil emulsion i.e. margarine, with the exact qualities you need:

    • low viscosity for easy pumping
    • resistant to mechanical treatment during processing

    Achieve a low-fat spread with all these qualities:

    • stable final product
    • good spreadability
    • excellent mouth-feel

    Want to know more? Read about our emulsifiers for low-fat spreads and very low-fat spreads.

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