Emulsifiers for margarine - getting down to basics

    We take great pride in creating new products, solutions and production processes in close cooperation with our customers. Palsgaard has also a tradition for training and educating customers in emulsifiers, their functionality and applications, particularly in margarine. We know from our own experience, the importance of a solid theoretical background for successful production of margarine. Therefore, we share with you our knowledge and perception (or view) of the most essential definitions and know-how within the margarine industry.

    Aeration - makes your product rise to the occasion

    Aerated margarine products include cake margarine, cream margarine and fillings. Emulsifiers must ensure a stable emulsion in the margarine during both manufacturing and baking. These emulsifiers impart a fine and stable water distribution to the margarine and improve the creaming and whipping properties to deliver higher volume and increased softness.

    Cooperation is aeration to your business

    Partnering with Palsgaard gives you more than the best aeration emulsifiers on the market. You also benefit from the innovation and creativity that we pursue in our unique pilot plants and from expert advice on both products and production.

    Crystallization - makes your product come together

    Since margarine is a water-in-oil emulsion, crystallization is absolutely crucial to production. Crystallizers and emulsifiers ensure a stable emulsion during both production and use of the margarine products.

    Your business potential is crystal clear

    The benefits of teaming up with us are crystal clear. At Palsgaard we are committed to helping you release the full potential of your products and your business. Our emulsifiers and the extensive knowledge of our experienced staff are what make it all come together.

    Fat reduction - what customers are requesting

    Consumers are continuously challenging the food industry to reduce fat in many products, not least in margarine and the foods in which margarine is an ingredient. This increases the call for further innovation of emulsifiers that can help ensure the stability and properties of margarine products while reducing their fat content as much as possible. Palsgaard is constantly striving to help our customers meet these demands.

    Make your production as lean as your products

    The demand for leanness does not only apply to margarine products. It also applies to margarine production. Partnering with Palsgaard gives you access to our extensive knowhow in margarine production processes so you can produce your products efficiently and with consistent high quality.

    Plastification - helps your products down the stretch

    Good plasticity is essential to puff pastry margarine. The plasticity of the finished margarine depends on emulsifiers, crystallizers, the composition of the fat blend and on processing conditions. Palsgaard helps you improve the functionality and plasticity of your puff pastry margarine, so your customer's puff pastries get better lamination, lift and mouth feel.

    Stretch the boundaries of your business

    Palsgaard emulsifiers let you stretch five kilos of margarine across 500 square metres. But they also let you stretch the boundaries of your product, innovation and your entire business.

    Learn how we work

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