Emulsifiers for frying margarine

    Typical frying margarines have a fat content of 70-80% and therefore a 20-30% water phase, often containing milk solids, salt and other water-soluble ingredients.

    And there are plenty of challenges to overcome before you've produced the perfect product:

    • very little splattering during frying
    • won't stick to the pan
    • good foam on the top of the molten/liquid margarine
    • good browning effect
    • even frying performance

    It's a tough list, but our emulsifiers can help you do it all. And, while they only make up a small part of the final margarine, they have a huge impact on frying functionality.

    In addition to offering a wide range of emulsifiers and emulsifier/lecithin combinations for all types of frying margarines, such as standard frying margarine and liquid margarine, we also advise you on how to optimize your recipes and production processes, either at your factory or in our application centers around the world.

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