Emulsifiers for puff pastry margarine

    Danish pastries, croissants and puff pastry typically contain between 16 and 300 layers of plasticized margarine. Everything has to be in a single, homogenous layer without the margarine breaking, becoming greasy or too elastic, and without breaks or cracks in the dough, while simultaneously allowing controlled expansion during baking.

    Successful production demands margarine with sufficient plasticity and a surface dry enough to handle mechanical treatment during production. And that's where you can rely on Palsgaard.

    A wide range of emulsifiers for plasticized margarine

    Emulsifiers such as Palsgaard® 1302 maintain dry/non-greasy surfaces for easy-to-handle margarines while ensuring a high, homogenous lift in your baked goods. The result is a delicious baked product.

    Puff -pastry -margarine -setupMake puff pastry with less than 80% fat

    Palsgaard has developed a new range of emulsifiers, including Palsgaard® 1311 and Palsgaard® 1325, for 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% fat contents in Danish, croissant and puff pastry margarines without lecithin. 

    We'll help you to achieve:

    • a very stable emulsion that can't be broken during plastification or other working

    • excellent margarine plasticity

    • a homogenous layer of melted margarine in the dough during baking, guaranteeing homogenous, high lift

    • long shelf-life - both of the margarine and the baked goods  

    Move quickly from idea to finished product in our application centers

    At Palsgaard we don't sell standard solutions. Rather, we work with you in great detail to clarify all your needs and product aspirations - and subsequently design individual and successful recipes with you. 

    Whatever you need, Palsgaard's team of industry experts will help you refine or develop your products in one of our fully equipped application centers around the world.

    Try our emulsifiers and recipes for puff pastry margarine

    We've made a selection of our most popular recipes for puff pastry margarine available for you to download. These recipes are often used as starting points for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities. All recipes are free from trans-fatty acids.

    You can download our select recipe suggestions and the matching product profiles on this page. For advice on how to adjust the recipes to fit your needs, and to order samples of our emulsifiers for puff pastry margarine, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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