Emulsifiers for cake margarine

    Cake margarine is a special type of margarine specifically designed to incorporate air, ensuring stability in the final product. But it's not without its challenges. A common problem is, for example, that cakes can end up too heavy and lacking volume.

    Using emulsifiers such as Palsgaard® 1388 together with an optimal fat composition, we can help you to overcome such difficulties. You'll be able to create a highly functional margarine that meets your production criteria and satisfies your customers with:

    Sponge Cake With And Without Emulsifier
    With and without the right emulsifier
    • high volume in the baked cake
    • good, homogenous crumb structure
    • a soft and delicious eating experience

    To achieve these qualities, it is crucial that the margarine has a very short structure. This can be obtained by using the right type of oils, as well as the right process conditions and tempering of the margarines. Just as important, of course, is your choice of emulsifier.

    May we optimize your cake margarine?

    At Palsgaard, we can optimize your emulsifier and fat composition in our application centers, recommending any adjustments to your processing equipment. As the inventor of the first industrially manufactured emulsifier for margarine, we know how emulsifiers work in cake systems, focusing on:

    • increasing margarine creaminess, making it easier to incorporate more air and increase fat distribution in the batter
    • increasing batter viscosity to allow better air retention
    • protecting the air bubbles so that expansion during baking will occur
    • ensuring a large number of small air bubbles for a homogenous crumb structure

    Try our most popular cake margarine recipe

    Palsgaard has been helping cake margarine manufacturers with their recipes for almost 100 years. Today, we offer emulsifier solutions that enable you to meet the demands of modern consumers, such as no lecithin, no trans-fatty acids and non-hydrogenated fats.

    We've made our most popular recipe for cake margarine - and a matching product profile - available for you to download on this page. This recipe is often used as a starting point for a partnership with new customers, and is then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

    For advice on how to adjust the recipe to fit your needs, and to order samples of our emulsifiers for cake margarine, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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