• Emulsifiers for margarine

    Aeration, crystallization, fat reduction and plastification: Control these four basic properties and you can craft your margarine products to meet almost any requirement.

Emulsifiers for margarine

Aeration, crystallization, fat reduction and plastification: If you can control these four basic properties, then you can craft your margarine products to meet almost any requirement.

As the inventor of the commercial emulsifier, Palsgaard has been helping manufacturers control the essential properties of margarine for almost a century. We now make close to 100 different emulsifiers for margarine - with even more in development.

We continue to be a leader and innovator in emulsifiers for:

All these types of margarine require the optimal combination of emulsifiers and process parameters - and we can help you find them.

Benefit from 100 years of expertise

Of course, we can provide the emulsifiers you need - but we can be much more helpful than that. Why not ask our technical experts to review your margarine or shortening products right from raw materials and emulsifiers to processing and even the consumer experience? Together, we can explore ways to reduce costs, lift quality, reduce fat, improve aeration rate, increase plasticity and much more.

Our customers often ask us to help them to optimize:
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  • emulsion stability
  • frying performance
  • spreadability
  • shelf-life stability of low- and very low-fat spreads
  • volume of whipped margarine
  • lamination in puff pastry
  • liquid margarine
  • prevention of oiling out
  • production costs
  • volume and softness in cake systems
  • softness in bread
  • non-lecithin solutions
  • trans-fat free recipes

Test your ideas with us

As you might expect, we've got all the facilities to test possible margarine and shortening recipes - and we can help you to explore how they'll function in, for example, puff pastry, pound cakes, spreads and other applications.

Read more about our large scale margarine application centers

Worldwide inspiration - for wherever you are

You can use Palsgaard's global knowledge base to keep up-to-date with trends and developments in margarine products and applicable emulsifiers. Trends from around the world are stored in a company knowledge bank, providing inspiration for new products and practices wherever you are.

Is sustainability high on your agenda?

Make The Change Illustrations2If so, you'll be glad to hear that Palsgaard is the perfect partner for you. Not only were we the first company to industrially produce emulsifiers, in fact we invented them, we were also the first emulsifier company to become CO2-neutral, just as we were the first company able to offer their full range of emulsifiers as RSPO SG certified. 

Find out more about how to Make the Change with sustainable emulsifiers in these pages.

Easy-to-administer products, delivered on time

Our products are available in pellets, powder, block, paste and liquid form to fit your exact production needs.

Palsgaard is ISO 22000 certified, meaning that our products are manufactured according to HACCP principles. And you can rely on our documentation department to ensure that all products delivered from Palsgaard's production facilities comply with relevant EU legislation. 

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