How to improve Heat Shock stability

    Maintaining good ice cream quality from factory to consumer

    A holistic approach

    Improving Heat Shock Stability requires manufacturers to take a holistic approach that combines know-how and experience, the right emulsifier system and production process, optimised packaging, and improved control of storage and distribution temperatures.

    Ice cream’s key ingredients – milk solids, fat, sugar, emulsifiers and stabilizers – variously influence sensory attributes. And it takes suprisingly small adjustments in the relative proportions of each to make a big difference. Here’s what to focus on:

    Mix preparation

    • Pasteurisation
    • Homogenisation
    • Aging

    Fast freezing (hardening)

    • To maintain shape
    • To maintain small ice crystals

    You’ll also need to use high-quality packaging, and of course, maintain an optimal storage temperature at the factory before sending your precious products out into the world.

    Everything you need

    To beat the Heat Shock Effect, everything has to work together: Recipe, equipment, production team and know-how. And that’s where Palsgaard can help. We have a powerful legacy of expertise in sustainable ice cream ingredients, their functionality and the influence of processing parameters. And we have all the resources you’ll need to deal with Heat Shock, including:

    • Sustainable emulsifiers and stabilizers
    • Pilot plant facilities with state-of-the-art ice cream equipment
    • Heat Shock testing equipment
    • Sensory panel
    • Global knowledge-sharing between application labs

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