Optimizing Heat Shock Stability

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    Ice cream recipes are under constant attack, with consumer and regulatory demands for fat and sugar reduction, as well as a constant flow of new varieties making life harder for ice cream technologists and producers around the world, no matter if you're producing extruded or moulded ice creams, sorbets or ice lollies.

    For example, when the level of saturated fat is reduced it makes the total fat softer, which in turn makes it more challenging to produce ice cream with a good structure and the desired eating quality. So ingredient and production parameter adjustments are needed – but what’s the best strategy? And what will protect your precious product from the Heat Shock Effect?

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    Milk proteins, fat and sugars are the primary elements in an ice cream recipe. Even relatively small changes in the nature or proportions of these ingredients can make a sizeable difference. To maintain quality throughout the product’s lifetime, recipe changes need the help of powerful combinations of emulsifiers and stabilizers. Palsgaard creates such combinations, providing a range of generic recipes that can be fine-tuned for optimal results:

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    Explore our recipes to discover more about Palsgaard Extrulce products - and learn about our comprehensive Heat Shock stability tool box, too.

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