A Heat Shock Stability toolbox

    Everything you need – from a single source

    The best tools for maintaining ice cream quality

    Successfully dealing with the Heat Shock Effect has many benefits including a better consumer experience, better brand perception and increased re-purchasing.

    Palsgaard has a complete Heat Shock Stability toolbox that lets you work with every part of the puzzle – and it’s based on a complete, holistic approach. Here’s what we can offer:

    • Industry-leading emulsifiers and stabilizers
    • Pilot plant facilities with state-of-the-art ice cream equipment
    • Heat Shock testing equipment and processes
    • A professionally trained sensory panel
    • Global knowledge-sharing between application labs
    • A wide range of generic recipes that can be fine-tuned for your needs

    In short, everything you’ll need to turn heat-shocked ice creams into top performers. 

    A legacy of expertise

    PADK Dairy June 2014 - 01

    As the inventor of the modern food emulsifier, we know a lot about the functionality of ice cream ingredients and the influence of processing parameters. And we’ve worked with manufacturers to create recipe after recipe that answers a wide range of demands. Key to these capabilities are some of the world’s best sustainable emulsifier and stabilizer systems:


    Questions about emulsifiers and stabilizers for ice creams?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about how the right combination of emulsifiers, stabilizers and know-how will help you beat the heat shock effect.

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