Emulsifiers and stabilizers for ice cream

    Ensuring quality top-performing products for today and tomorrow

    At Palsgaard, we take ice cream quality very seriously. That's why we've developed a full range of sustainable emulsifiers and stabilizers as well as integrated blends to maintain or achieve the products your customers prefer.

    Preferences for taste and texture vary around the world, fat and sugar content are under consumer and regulatory pressure and, as markets evolve, consumers are demanding an even wider range of choices. Palsgaard offers product recipes to meet these demands for today and tomorrow. And we know exactly how to get the results you need.

    Our emulsifiers and stabilizers can help optimize:

    Go faster from idea to ice cream

    Whether you want to improve the mouth-feel and texture of your premium ice cream, combat the Heat Shock Effect, create a low-fat ice cream without compromising on the sensory profile, or ensure better form stability in your extruded water ice, there are limitless possibilities. Our ice cream and dairy technicians can assist you in selecting and combining the correct type of sustainable emulsifiers and stabilizers for exciting ice cream concepts.

    Find out more about our application service here.

    Of course, we won't offer you standard, off-the-shelf solutions. Instead we work with you and your team to clarify what you would like to achieve. Then we develop, test and refine your new recipe at well-equipped application centers around the world for both milk-based and soy-based products.

    We can help you to optimize:

    • Creaminess
    • Warm/cold eating properties
    • Flavour release
    • Texture
    • Shape retention
    • Heat shock stability
    • Melt-down properties

    How do emulsifiers and stabilizers work?

    Find out more about which emulsifiers Palsgaard Palsgaard produces and how they work in combination with various stabilizers here.

    Questions about emulsifiers and stabilizers for ice creams?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about how the right combination of emulsifiers, stabilizers and know-how will help you beat the heat shock effect.

    Learn how we work

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