Stabilizer compounds for traditional mayonnaise

    Traditional, high-fat content mayonnaise is used as a table condiment - delicious, decorative and ready to consume.

    Egg yolk is usually used as an emulsifier. In order to achieve a stable, creamy mayonnaise with a long shelf-life, we recommend adding blends of stabilizers containing, for example, guar and xanthan gum (Palsgaard® 5308 and Palsgaard® 5232).

    Palsgaard's range of stabilizer compounds help you create a traditional mayonnaise with:

    • High stabilityMayonnaise
    • Nice, firm texture
    • High or low viscosity
    • Extended shelf life
    • Good mouth-feel
    • Optimized recipe

    Interested in reducing or eliminating the amount of egg yolk in your mayo?

    Price variations of egg yolk is a challenge to mayonnaise and dressing manufacturers, making it difficult to keep a constant product price when one of the more expensive raw materials fluctuate significantly. Palsgaard has developed a series of stabilizer solutions that will allow you to develop recipes completely without eggs or with reduced amounts of eggs - but with similar results as traditional recipes. Find out more here.

    Optimize your recipes at our application center

    At Palsgaard, we like to work with you in detail to clarify all your needs and product aspirations, then design and test tailored, successful recipes with you. Our technical teams work with you to adjust your current recipes and advise you on how to fine-tune your production process to achieve a stable and creamy 80% mayonnaise.

    Learn more about our fine foods application center here.

    Try our recipe suggestions for traditional mayonnaise

    We've made a selection of our most popular recipes for traditional mayonnaise available for you to download. These recipes are often used as the starting point for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

    You can download our recipe suggestions along with matching product profiles on this page. For advice on how to tailor the recipes to fit your needs, and to order samples of our stabilizer blends for traditional mayonnaise, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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