Emulsifiers and stabilizers for creams

    Dairy creams and vegetable fat creams are commonly used for whipping, cake decoration and for a wide range of cooking purposes.
    Palsgaard provides a wide selection of emulsifiers and stabilizers for cream applications - as well as advanced know-how and testing equipment that lift your chances of success in the marketplace.

    Working closely with your product development and production departments, we can help to determine the optimal emulsifier and stabilizer systems for UHT whipping creams, UHT coffee creams and  sweetened condensed milk and more.

    Palsgaard emulsifier and stabilizer systems influence:

    • overrun
    • firmness
    • foam stability
    • mouth-feel
    • protein stability in warm and acid conditions

    Test your new UHT cream in our application centers before going full-scale

    Take advantage of our dairy application centers in Denmark, Singapore, China and Mexico, and our technical experts around the world. Working closely together with your product development team, they can help to determine the best combination of emulsifiers and stabilizers needed to achieve the desired mouth-feel and foam stability in, for example, a new non-protein whipping cream formulation. Our fully equipped pilot plants can be set up to reflect your own production equipment or, if you prefer, we  can also work alongside you at your own production site.

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