Emulsifiers and stabilizers for yoghurt

    If you're manufacturing set or stirred yoghurts or labneh, you'll know they differ in creaminess, firmness and viscosity. And these differences place varying demands on the emulsifier and stabilizer system needed.

    Choosing the right Palsgaard® AcidMilk emulsifier and stabilizer system ensures you can achieve a smooth surface, a creamy texture and good stability - at exactly the levels your customers demand. Palsgaard® AcidMilk can also be further developed to suit any type of long-life yoghurt.

    Palsgaard emulsifier and stabilizer systems improve:Set -yoghurt -w -spices -4

    • firmness
    • viscosity
    • creaminess
    • syneresis reduction
    • protein stability
    • mouth-feel

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    Palsgaard doesn't just offer a wide range of emulsifier and stabilizer blends for yoghurt. We also offer expert application services at our dairy pilot plants on three continents to help you achieve your individual product goals.

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    Try our recipe suggestions for yoghurt

    We've made a selection of our most popular recipes for yoghurt available for downloading online. These recipes are often used as starting points for working together, and are then adjusted to fit local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

    You can download our selected recipe suggestions and matching product profiles on this page. For advice on how to adapt the recipes to fit your needs, and to order samples of our emulsifiers and stabilizers for yoghurt, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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