• Emulsifiers & stabilizers for dairy

    Want to improve the mouth-feel and shelf-life of chocolate milk? Investigate better syneresis for your yoghurt? Or improve protein stability for UHT whipping cream…?

Dairy emulsifier & stabilizer experts

Emulsifiers and stabilizers for fermented products, milk based drinks, aerated desserts and creams

Emulsifiers and stabilizers for dairy products

Would you like to improve the mouth-feel and shelf-life of your chocolate milk? Investigate  better water holding capacity for your yoghurt? Or improve the protein stability in your UHT whipping cream? Palsgaard offers a wide and unique range of emulsifier and stabilizer blends and the expert application knowhow to help you achieve your goals.

Yoghurt Naturel 2We can help you to optimize:

  • water retention
  • texture
  • mouth-feel
  • whippability
  • foam structure
  • overrun
  • emulsion stability
  • viscosity
  • protein stability

Brainstorm your ideas to finished product at our application centers

At Palsgaard we don't sell standard solutions. Rather, we work with you in great detail to clarify all your needs and product aspirations - and subsequently design individual and successful recipes with you.

Whatever you need, Palsgaard's team of industry experts will help you develop your product in one of our fully equipped application centers around the world for both milk based and soy based products. 

Is sustainability high on your agenda?

Make The Change Illustrations2If so, you'll be glad to hear that Palsgaard is the perfect partner for you. Not only were we the first company to industrially produce emulsifiers, in fact we invented them, we were also the first emulsifier company to become CO2-neutral, just as we were the first company able to offer their full range of emulsifiers as RSPO SG certified. 

Find out more about how to Make the Change with sustainable emulsifiers in these pages.

Easy to apply and delivered right on time

Our emulsifier and stabilizer blends for dairy products are available in an easy-to-apply powder form. And your products will arrive right on time, tracked and monitored to any part of the world. In fact, our standard supply lead time is just three weeks from confirmation of your order. 

Palsgaard is ISO 22000 certified, meaning that our products are manufactured according to HACCP principles. And you can rely on our documentation department to ensure that all products delivered from Palsgaard's production facilities comply with relevant EU legislation.

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