Oil binders for confectionery products

    Oil separation or fat bloom in confectionery fat systems with a high amount of liquid oil is a common problem for chocolate confectionery production. Palsgaard has the perfect solution to these problems with our range of oil binders ensuring excellent stability.

    Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 gives your products:

    • longer shelf-life
    • stability against oil separation
    • a soft and creamy texture
    • stability at elevated temperatures
    • heat resistance
    • smooth spreadability

    How can you achieve all these benefits? By mixing the oil binder during manufacturing to create a fine set of crystals during cooling, which quickly traps and stabilizes the liquid oil. No more problems with oil separation and fat bloom! 

    Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 is manufactured using an optimum blend of natural rapeseed and palm oil, and has no trans-fatty acids. The blend is based completely on non-GMO vegetable oil, while its powder form makes the high melting vegetable fat easy to apply in the production process. And you need just a small dosage of Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 to have a positive effect on confectionery products - typically 0.5%-2.0%, depending on the application.

    Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 application areas:

    • chocolate/hazelnut spreads
    • confectionery fillings
    • peanut butter
    • tahina/Halawa
    • crystal promoter

    Put our expertise to work for your business

    Palsgaard doesn't just offer a wide range of emulsifiers, oil binders and crystal promoters for confectionery. We also offer expert application services at our confectionery application centers on three continents to help you achieve your individual product goals.

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    Try our most popular recipe

    We've made our most popular recipe containing Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 available for you to download. This recipe is often used as a starting point for new customers to develop recipes and meet local sensory preferences, raw material needs and individual production parameters. Download the recipe suggestion and the product profile for Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 on this page.

    For advice on how to tailor the recipe to fit your needs, and to order samples of Palsgaard® OilBinder 01, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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