Crystal promoters for confectionery products

    For most manufacturers, moving from 5 minutes to 8 minutes of product cooling lowers production capacity. But how can you answer market needs for more unsaturated fats in confectionery without taking longer in the cooling tunnel?

    Faster crystallization

    If you're like many confectionary manufacturers, you're constantly looking at ways to reformulate to create the healthier products increasingly in demand. But moving from high saturated fat to low saturated fat solutions often means stability and crystallization problems. And going from fast crystallizing fats to slow crystallizing fats is often a challenge, too.

    Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 provides the answer, speeding up crystallization to maintain your production capacity.

    Improve your products

    Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 optimizes the crystallization speed in applications like unhardened CBS -, CBR -, and low-trans CBR compounds, low saturated fat fillings or confectionary fat systems that require more time in the cooling tunnel. 

    Fondant filled pralines stacked

    You can now achieve:

    • faster cooling
    • maintained capacity
    • faster demoulding 
    • faster packaging after production
    • prolonged shelf life
    • less "start-migration"

    Small dosage - big effect

    Added during the conching step, Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 comes in powder form. So it's remarkably easy to melt and distribute - and it takes only a small dosage to achieve a big effect. In fact, a dosage of only 0.5-2.0% can be all that's needed to get the result you're looking for.

    Palsgaard® CrystalPromoter 41 is non-GMO, trans-free and based on 100% vegetable fat. And, because it consists of special rape seed oil, it's palm-free, too!

    Put our expertise to work for your business

    Palsgaard doesn't just offer a wide range of emulsifiers, oil binders and crystal promoters for confectionery. We also offer expert application services at our confectionery application centers on three continents to help you achieve your individual product goals.

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