• Emulsifiers for chocolate and confectionery

    A small amount of emulsifiers can go a long way to creating heavenly confections without affecting taste or aroma. They can save costs and facilitate production, too!

Confectionery emulsifier experts

Ammonium phosphatide, PGPR, oil binders and crystal promoters

Emulsifiers for chocolate and confectionery

World No. 1 in non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers

Palsgaard is known throughout the world as a global market leader in non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers such as PGPR, and AMP, which can supplement or outperform lecithin. These ingredients help to cut costs, achieve specific flow properties, and avoid thickening of the chocolate mass when developing low-fat chocolate. 

You'll find a small amount of our emulsifiers will go a very long way. And by letting you take control of each step of the production process, from blending or conching to cooling, our top-of-the-range application centers let you fine-tune and prepare your exact chocolate recipes under controlled manufacturing conditions. 

Palsgaard also offers a wide range of vegetable fat-based oil binders and crystal promoters to prevent separation in confectionery products.

Experts in the science of how different emulsifiers interact with each other

With many years of experience in the manufacture of baked goods, ice cream and fat-based fillings, Palsgaard is the ideal partner for developing a complete range of complex confections from chocolate-coated Swiss rolls to ice cream.

Extensive expertise in rheology and chocolate flow properties, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, makes us the world leader in chocolate and confectionery emulsifiers, and we are keen to share our knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

Optimize your recipes at our application centers

Adjusting recipes, optimizing flow properties, reducing costs and solving seemingly impossible problems are just some of the services we offer our customers at our application centers situated in both Denmark, Singapore and Mexico.

Palsgaard can offer you:Milk Chocolate Hearts

  • the most stable batch-to-batch emulsifiers
  • the broadest range of market-leading chocolate emulsifiers
  • proven viscosity and reduction in energy requirements
  • proven cost reductions in both chocolate and compound recipes
  • fully equipped chocolate pilot plants in Denmark, Siingapore and Mexico
  • extensive experience with implementing emulsifiers in customer recipes
  • a wide range of non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers
  • neutral taste and colour  

Is sustainability high on your agenda?

Make The Change Illustrations2If so, you'll be glad to hear that Palsgaard is the perfect partner for you. Not only were we the first company to industrially produce emulsifiers, in fact we invented them, we were also the first emulsifier company to become CO2-neutral, just as we were the first company able to offer their full range of emulsifiers as RSPO SG certified. 

Find out more about how to Make the Change with sustainable emulsifiers in these pages.

Easy to administer products, delivered on time

Our  emulsifiers for chocolate and confectionery products, PGPR and Ammonium Phosphatide both come in liquid and easy-flowing forms. While lecithin normally requires heating before usage due to the higher viscosity of most lecithin types, the liquid form of our emulsifiers at ambient temperature makes them easy to dose at any temperature. No specially heated storage facilities are needed, enabling our emulsifiers to be used directly without wasting time and effort.


We dispatch goods worldwide, delivering them on time, every time. As a standard, our supply lead time is just three weeks from confirmation of your order until it leaves the gates of our Palsgaard factories. All products delivered from Palsgaard's production facilities comply with relevant EU legislation, and our Documentation department is on hand to help you with any queries.

Palsgaard is ISO 22000 certified meaning that our products are manufactured according to HACCP principles. 

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