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    Discover how Palsgaard’s world-class bakery emulsifiers can help you to achieve unrivalled batter stability, improved cake volume and texture, prolonged shelf-life and cost reductions.

Emulsifiers for industrial baking

Convenience, fast aeration, uniform performance, stable production, and stability in the end product are all key factors when considering the perfect cake emulsifier for industrial cake production.
Our unique range of activated cake emulsifiers can meet these demands and can, through minor reformulations, replace and outperform dispersions, shortenings, gels, or other traditional cake emulsifiers.

Simplified labels sell better

Cake producers today are increasingly challenged by their customers to deliver high-quality cakes at low cost and often with a demand for consumer-friendly, easily understood labeling. The Palsgaard® SA series meets these needs by providing very simple labelling and a high degree of convenience and security - all at a low cost. You can learn more about the individual SA products in our brochures and technical articles.

Better productivity. Lower costs

You can achieve better productivity and lower costs using low-dosage ingredients that can be pre-mixed faster with less product loss and a stable result. Would you like to increase the juiciness of your mini Swiss rolls by adding more oil? Talk to us about adding one of our high-absorption emulsifiers. Or perhaps you need a cost-effective whipping agent to improve the softness and crumb structure of a pound cake or Madeira cake. Whatever you want to achieve, our technical experts like nothing more than to figure out ways to improve a customer's recipes - so don't hesitate to ask for their help!

Find out how we help customers solve challenges in industrial baking in this article.

Looking for a palm-free emulsifier?

Recently, consumer attention has turned to palm oil and its adverse effects on the environment, demanding that it be removed from products – despite the fact that palm oil is far more sustainable in yield and functionality when produced in accordance with RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) principles.

Removing palm oil from the recipes of industrially produced cakes is easily managed. Finding an efficient, palm-free emulsifier that will allow you to continue producing delicious and moist cakes is, however, not – or hasn't been until the launch of Palsgaard® SA 6615, the world's first palm-free emulsifier in powder form for industrial cakes that's produced in a CO2-neutral factory.

Test your new industrial cake in our application centers before going full-scale

Take advantage of our bakery application centers in Denmark, Singapore, Mexico and China and our technical experts around the world. Working closely together with your product development team, they can help determine the best possible combination of emulsifiers for your product. Our fully equipped application centers can be set up to reflect your own production equipment or, if you prefer, we can also work alongside at your own production site.

Try our recipe suggestions for industrial cakes

As part of our service, we have put together a comprehensive selection of our most popular recipes and matching product profiles for industrial cakes. You can download them on this page. Use them as a starting point for building new and improved recipes that work with your company's sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

For advice on how to tailor recipes to fit your specific needs and for samples, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

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