Emulsifiers for cake gel production

    Using Palsgaard's emulsifiers, cake gel manufacturers and bakers can achieve better aeration in their batter, and higher cake volume. Crumb structure becomes uniform throughout the cake and across its cut surface.

    Lift your product performance

    Cake manufacturers are keen to develop high-quality cakes with increased volume, softness and finer crumb structure. And they want these qualities to remain with the product for as long as possible until they reach consumer tables.

    For cake gel manufacturers and the industrial cake factories or batchwise-production bakeries they serve, Palsgaard has developed a portfolio of emulsifiers that can improve and extend the quality of both cake gels and the final cake:

    • Palsgaard® DMG (E471)
    • Palsgaard® PGE (E475)
    • Palsgaard® PGMS (E477)

    More appealing cakes start here

    Cake gel manufacturers aim to create a uniform distribution of right-sized, stabilized air bubbles or ‘holes’ throughout the cake. And to achieve this, they need to create a system that keeps emulsifiers in α-formed crystals as long as possible. This type of cake gel will continue to work its magic at every stage of the production process, and its softening effects will last for many months.

    Achieving the right blend, however, isn't so simple. The quality of water and other ingredients, as well as process parameters, is a constant challenge for many cake gel producers. Palsgaard's emulsifiers for α-gels tackle such problems, helping to achieve the right results and ensure a consistent baking result. 

    Used with both continuous and batch production lines, α-stable gels can incorporate large volumes of water and other liquids - such as sugar alcohols, creating a stable batter. At the same time, a much finer crumb structure and smoother cake surface can be created to improve the consumer’s shopping and eating experience.

    Your challenges – our solutions

    Having worked with cake gel manufacturers and the bakery industry for decades, Palsgaard has built up vast and valuable experience. We have the knowledge to help you adjust and optimize your cake gel recipes, not just in terms of ingredients, but also in the production process. 

    Our application specialists stand ready to help you consider:

    • Choice of emulsifier
    • Raw material properties
    • Recipe (ingredient ratio)
    • Blending technology
    • Processing time
    • Temperature control
    • Equipment

    By understanding and controlling these parameters, you can produce a cake gel with the desired shelf-life and functionality.

    Sharpen your baking business with us

    With many years of practical experience with emulsifiers for cake gel formulations, Palsgaard is always ready to assist with selecting and fine-tuning the right emulsifiers and process for your needs. With application centers around the world, we have deep insight into regional market conditions and product needs – and we have what it takes to help you:

    • Optimise process flow
    • Deliver market-relevant innovations
    • Shorten market response times
    • Attain higher success rates with development projects 

    You’ll find our worldwide resources and expertise form an ideal platform for prototyping and testing products all the way from idea to marketplace success – faster, safer and more profitably.

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