Emulsifiers for baker’s mixes

    Being a cake mix producer has never been so difficult. Consumer demands for new or improved products need to be balanced against constant economic challenges. And the competitive race is on to supply, for example, gluten or egg free, low fat or zero trans fat recipes. That's why so many world-class companies choose Palsgaard.

    We recognize that easy preparation, consistent performance, and trustworthy declarations are of paramount importance and we can help you achieve these aims with lower costs and easy handling.

    75 years of experience with baker's mixes

    Our experts have helped to solve just about every kind of problem in the bakery market. So we are well-placed to help you when you are faced with similar challenges. We promise you complete access to our superior expertise, a broad range of proven emulsifiers and special ingredients, and hands-on application services.

    Test your new baker's mix in our application centers before going full-scale

    Take advantage of our bakery application centers in Denmark, Singapore, Mexico and China and our technical experts around the world. Working closely together with your product development team, they can help determine the best possible combination of emulsifiers for your product. Our fully equipped application centers can be set up to reflect your own production equipment or, if you prefer, we can also work alongside at your own production site.

    Emulpals®  activated cake emulsifiers for bakery mixes

    Use our Emulpals emulsifiers to significantly improve the crumb structure of your Asian-style sponge mix, or increase the cake volume in a Magdalena or pound cake recipe. Or reduce the whipping time of sponge cake mixes and reduce the make-up steps in chiffon cake production. 

    Try our recipe suggestions for baker's mixes

    As part of our service, we have put together a comprehensive selection of our most popular recipes and matching product profiles for baker's mixes. You can download them on this page. Use them as a starting point for building new and improved recipes that work with your company's sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

    For advice on how to tailor recipes to fit your specific needs and for samples, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a valuable partner of Palsgaard. 

    Learn how we work

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    Activated cake emulsifier demo

    Check out this video which clearly shows the benefits of using an activated cake emulsifier

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