Pigment dispersing aid for PE, PP, PET, PVC and PA colour masterbatches

Palsgaard's Einar Colour Dispersing Aids Are Bio Based And Food Grade

Try the efficient and sustainable alternative to waxes

Key features
  • Highly effective plant-based replacement of petrol-based waxes
  • Speciality polyglycerol ester based on fatty acids of vegetable origin
  • Custom designed for colour masterbatches
  • Suitable for a variety of polymers, including PE, PP, PVC, PET and, PA
  • FDA and EU approved for food-contact applications
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Superior pigment dispersion
  • Strong cost-in-use
  • More reliable and stable production that will keep downtime at a minimum
  • Less pigment needed to obtain true colours
  • Consultancy and technical evaluations available from our applications team

Optimise your colour masterbatches

Highly loaded colour pigment masterbatches can be a costly affair – pigments are expensive and must be used as sparingly as possible to retain a sound cost-in-use. At the same time, it is vital to obtain a uniform distribution of the pigment to obtain unblemished colours in the final product.

Einar® 101 is a plant-based dispersing additive designed to deliver outstanding dispersing performance for pigments in polyolefin products as well as PET, PVC and PA – so outstanding, in fact, that the amount of pigment needed can be reduced while maintaining the same color strength. 

Safe enough to eat

Einar® 101 is already approved as a food ingredient and used in the processing of various types of foodstuff which means that consumer’s safety – and that of the manufacturer – is ensured. As a key player in the highly regulated world of food ingredients, all of Palsgaard’s products comply with or exceed the demands of food safety regulators and other major market influencers. So polymer and food plastic packaging manufacturers can be sure that Palsgaard’s additives present no risk to their end-customers.

The benefits of liquid dispersing aids

As a liquid dispersing aid, Einar® 101 will coat the pigment and enable a uniform and homogeneous dispersion of individual pigment particles in the polymer by improving wetting, control of bulk density, processability and extrusion throughput. The uniqueness of Einar® 101 is explained by its chemical composition as a non-ionic surface active component, free from contaminants and low-molecular-weight oils that can adversely affect colour critical applications. The result is higher colour yield and lower filter pressure, compared to waxes currently on the market.

Optimise costs and production processes

Einar® 101 offers a unique opportunity for cost savings. Its effectiveness in dispersing pigments will result in lower pigment loadings needed to obtain the desired colour strength. The measurable result is higher colour yield and reduced filter pressure. With the efficiency of Einar® 101, it is possible to increase the pigment concentrations in a masterbatch, providing additional cost benefits.

Pigment dispersing aids for colour masterbatches

  • Einar® 101

    Einar® 101 is aadvanced fully plant-based polyglycerol which is highly efficient as dispersing aid in colour masterbatches where it wets, stabilizes and disperses the pigments in the polymer matrix. 

    It can fully replace current dispersing aids or boost the performance in combination with the chosen dispersion aid when added to existing formulationsIt is added to the colour masterbatch in concentrations ranging from 1 - 5% of the total formulation. 

    • Custom designed polyglycerol based on selected fatty acids all of vegetable origin 
    • Efficient dispersant for PE, PP, PVC, PET and PA colour masterbatches   
    • Lowered filter pressure and increased colour strength 
    • Thermally stable and low volatility 
    • Available in liquid form 

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