Anti-static additives for impact co polymer polypropylene (PP)

Palsgaard's Einar Anti Static Additives For PP Impact Copolymer Are Bio Based And Food Grade

Try the bio-based, food-grade anti-stat in your impact copolymer PP

Key features
  • Highly effective plant-based replacement for anti-static amines and amides
  • An optimised blend of mono- and diglycerides with selected fatty acid profiles made from vegetable oils
  • An internal anti-static additive for additive masterbatches based on polypropylene
  • FDA and EU approved for food-contact applications
  • Available in pellet form
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Prevents dust attraction to plastic articles
  • Prevents electrical discharge during filling and loading of plastic packaging
  • Can be used for other polypropylene grades by adjusting the dosage level
  • Compatible with all polypropylene grades regarding mechanical, optical and barrier properties
  • Enables clean and dust-free polypropylene packaging in production and final application
  • Consultancy and technical evaluations
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Anti-stat protection in impact copolymer PP

Einar® 401 offers unmatched anti-stat performance in impact copolymer PP injection moulding applications. It's the ideal candidate to ensure clean, dust-free and attractive packaging across a broad range of applications, such as thin-walled containers used for yoghurt and margarine, or small or large buckets for both food and non-food storage. The anti-stat effect is both short and long term and will easily exceed one year, also at low humidity conditions. Recommended loading levels for impact copolymers are 0.3 - 0.5% for most applications but higher concentrations may be required in demanding thin-walled packaging.

Einar® 401 will provide necessary mould release and denesting properties when incorporated in an impact copolymer at the recommended levels for good anti-stat performance.

Einar® 401 comes in pellet form, ideally suited for mixing with the polymer material. The pellet form ensures easier dosing and reduced stickiness in feeding and transport equipment.

Why you need anti-static additives for your PP impact copolymer

Impact copolymer PP is used in many different food and non-food packaging applications where an attractive appearance toward consumers are important. An appealing and dust-free packaging is secured by the use of efficient migratory anti-stats that are able to build a concentration on the packaging surface that form a conductive layer. This will enable dissipation of static charges whereby dust and other fine particles will not be attracted or settle on the packaging.

Impact copolymer PP is the preferred packaging material for a very wide range of both food and non-food products because it offers excellent protection with its high strength and toughness. The polymer has high impact strength at low temperatures and has good barrier properties for protection of packaged goods. The inherent nature of the polymer also provides challenges for migratory anti-stats. They need to be optimised for the polymer in order to guarantee an attractive and clean appearance.

Anti-static additives for polypropylene (PP) impact copolymer

  • Einar® 401

    Einar® 401 is a plant-based, food-grade anti-static additive custom-designed for use in impact copolymer polypropylene. This long-lasting anti-static additive is the perfect alternative to ethoxylated amine and amides as it is able to match or exceed these while being safe enough to eat. This optimised anti-stat has been developed specifically to work in challenging environments such as reduced temperatures and low humidity.

    • A glycerol ester made from selected fatty acids
    • An internal anti-static agent for impact copolymer polypropylene
    • Prevents dust attraction to plastic articles
    • Offers denesting properties
    • Prevents electrical discharge during filling and loading of plastic packaging
    • Efficient mould release for all PP injection moulding applications
    • Available in pellet form

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