Anti-fog coating solutions for PET and BOPP

Palsgaard's Einar Anti Fog Coating Additive Solutions For PET And BOPP Are Bio Based And Food Grade

Try the bio-based, food-grade anti-fog coating solution

Key features
  • A specialised formulation of anti-fogs based on polyglycerol esters of vegetable origin
  • Water-based and solvent-free coating solution
  • No amine, amide and PEG chemistry
  • Applicable for a wide range of polymers where anti-fog performance is achieved by very thin coatings
  • FDA and EU approved for food-contact applications
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Efficient anti-fog performance at low coating concentrations
  • Prevents fogging from chilled and hot packaged food and keeps packaging transparent during storage
  • Helps to reduce food waste as products will stay fresh for longer and continue to appeal to consumers
  • Suitable for a wide range of polymers such as PET, BOPP, PS and PVC
  • Consultancy and technical evaluations available from our applications team

Why use anti-fog coating solutions

Efficient anti-fog properties are very important in many packaging applications and a wide range of polymers are used to cover different needs in each of these applications. Topically applied anti-fog additives are the only possible approach when migratory additives fail to provide the required performance. This is the case in applications where migration is hindered by high crystallinity of the polymer or its bonding to the additive.

PET and PS are typical examples of polymers where topical coatings are the most efficient way to achieve good and reliable anti-fogging performance. There are applications in both PE and PP where coatings will greatly benefit the performance. One obvious example is anti-fogging for BOPP which might not be achievable by migratory additives alone.

Anti-fog coating additives for PET and BOPP

  • Einar® 1124

    Einar® 1124 is a plant-based, food-grade anti-fog coating designed to be applied to the surface of the polymer by spray or roll. It is formulated with 10% active content in water and is meant to be further diluted before application. This is followed by a subsequent step of drying or heating to remove the water, leaving behind an active layer of anti-fog additive on the surface.

    • Efficient anti-fog performance at low coating concentrations
    • Water-based and solvent-free coating solution
    • Made from food-grade additives only and approved for food contact
    • No amine, amide or PEG chemistry
    • Thermally stable and low volatility



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