Palsgaard to participate in ground breaking research project on CO2 friendly paint

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012, Pia Skou Hansen

    Palsgaard is pleased to announce that the company is to participate in a DKK 23 million research project on developing bio-based paints and wood preservatives. The project which is entitled Superior Bio Based Coating Systems for Exterior Wood Applications will run for the next 4 years, and it is perfectly in tune with Palsgaard's focus on Corporate Social Responsibility as it, if successful, in time will help reduce CO2 emissions.

    According to Viggo Norn, Director of Palsgaard's independent research company Nexus A/S Palsgaard's part in the project will be to develop emulsifiers that will be able to eliminate the petrochemicals from the paint and wood preservatives. The petrochemicals are to be replaced by renewable vegetable raw materials thereby creating a more CO2 and environmentally friendly product.

    The project is organised and mainly funded by The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation with additional participation and funding from paint manufacturer Dyrup A/S, biodiesel manufacturer Emmelev A/S, the Danish Technological Institute, Copenhagen University LIFE and the Technical University of Denmark. Palsgaard is contributing DKK 3 millions to the project.

    Back to the roots

    Palsgaard hopes that in time the project may help the company to revive what was actually its initial business area: Palsgaard manufactured emulsifiers for paint and marketed its own series of paints from its own factory under the trade marks Gumiol® and Asol® as early as 1919 but sold off the factory in the early 1950s as Palsgaard wanted to focus on food emulsifiers. However, it was actually Palsgaard founder Einar Viggo Schou's initial work with emulsifiers for paint as well as his background as a margarine manufacturer that spurred his desire to develop emulsifiers for margarine and led to his invention of the Palsgaard Emulsion Oil in 1920.

    Emulsifiers for foodstuffs will naturally remain Palsgaard's main business area.

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