Palsgaard invests in large capacity emulsifier factory in Asia

    Thursday, February 3, 2011, Mette Dal Steffensen

    Palsgaard is now constructing a large state of the art emulsifier factory in Asia. The yearly capacity of the plant is in excess of 20.000 MT. 

    "Preliminary investigations and negotiations are now at such an advanced stage that we feel comfortable to announce our plans", explains Chairman Mr. Birger Brix. 

    The whole Asian region has been a major growth area for Palsgaard over the last years. "In order to satisfy the increasing needs and demands of our customers for high quality emulsifiers and stabilisers produced in the Asian region, this is a natural move forward in Palsgaard's strategic development plans", explains Mr. Brix.  

    The factory will be located in Singapore or neighbour state Johor, Malaysia, depending on final investigation.

    Palsgaard already has a fully equipped application centre in Singapore with pilot equipment within dairy, ice cream, bakery and soya milk products - the new production facility makes it all complete.

    The new factory is designed according to the latest and most modern standards in terms of production technology, energy consumption and environmental influence. The investment is budgeted for 30 million USD, and will start producing in the first half of 2013.

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